73/88-110 Grading Requirements, 2003

Your final grade will be based on:

  1. Lab Reports and Homework (50%): Homework will consist of lab reports and homework sections from the Experiments with Economic Principles book or EconU.com. The questions will require various skills, including in-depth analysis of experimental data, abstract thinking about general concepts, and the ability to connect the material to current events. Note that these exercises are based on the results of class experiments, so you will need to be participate in these experiments to do well on this work. Due dates will be announced in class. In calculating your final homework score we will eliminate the lowest score received on one of your homeworks. If needed, additional homework may be assigned.

    Please Note: Averages on homeworks are typically very high, so please compare your performance with the performance chart data to get a good sense of your relative homework performance---it is your relative performance on homework that will be factored into your final grade.

  2. Exams (40%): There will be two exams, both worth 20% of the final grade. The exams will follow natural transitions in the lecture material and are designed to provide continuity across the material and to insure that you keep the broader implications of what you are learning in mind.

  3. Experimental Payoffs (10%): Experimental payoffs accrue to you during the course of an experiment, and are determined by your skill at meeting the predefined experimental goals. We hope that your grade in this area will give you enough incentive to think carefully about your actions, but not so much as to diminish your enjoyment of the experience. Only students who fail to prepare for, or come to, the experiments will be adversely impacted by this element of the grade.

Make sure you understand the general grading and deadline policies.