The Instructor's Manual for Experiments with Economic Principles: Microeconomics, 2nd Edition

Instructors who are considering adopting the book should obtain a copy of the Instructor's Manual from the publisher. Many users have told us that any lingering worries about using this approach are alleviated upon reading this manual.

The Instructor's Manual includes:

The Instructor's Manual is available from McGraw Hill (ISBN 0077 229519 8). You should definitely get a copy if you are going to use the book. Also, make sure you keep up with the latest corrections and experimental variations.

The Instructor's Manual is also available as a PDF file (1.7Mbytes). (A note to students: We realize that instructor's manuals hold a certain amount of intrigue for some students. Alas, this manual doesn't contain any test questions, easy answers to your homework, etc., but rather good discussions of the mechanics behind how to conduct the experiments, and so forth. Students are welcome to read this document as you may learn a few subtleties about the material in the different chapters. However, the easiest way for you to understand the material and do well on your homework is to focus your time and effort towards the chapters contained in the student version of the book.)

In the Instructor's Manual you will find all of the materials you need to copy and handout to the students for each experiment. We have collected all of these materials and placed them in a PostScript file of distribution materials or a PDF file. (You will still want the Instructor's Manual for the Capsule Instructions and Data Collection Tables.)

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